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Our vineyards

Chozas Carrascal, the best of our vintage in each bottle

Chozas Carrascal represents a firm commitment to produce single-estate wines at the highest international level. What makes us different from the rest is our determination and careful combination of tradition and modernity. We started working with a clear idea: to restructure our vineyards, keeping the centuries-old variety of Bobal and planting new varieties that would give an intimate and unique character to our wines.

Our vineyard is located on top of a small hill 700 meters above the Mediterranean Sea level. Despite being close to the sea (just 60 km), the climate in our vineyard is continental. This temperature and the limestone terrains give, as a result, a soil capable of producing wines of great personality. Complex. Bodied. Coloured. With persistence and minerality. With strength. With fruit, colour, tannins, ripeness and roundness. With freshness and primary aromas. The spring that runs through our land provides mineral water to grape varieties that do not exceed two kilos of production. We therefore offer the best of our vintage in each bottle.

In our vineyards Chozas Carrascal grow the traditional grape varieties from the Valencia region, but also varieties from other places. Some of them, such as Syrah or Sauvignon blanc, have been approved afterwards by the authorities of the Utiel-Requena Denomination of Origin (D.O.)

Thus, after comprehensive studies and careful planning, we grow 11 different grape varieties in our vineyards.






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