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Las tres de Chozas Carrascal
14,00 € each



Las tres

Single-estate Denomination of Origin


Grape varieties

Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Macabeo.
Ageing process: 6-8 weeks with a daily batônnage.
2-4 weeks over fine lees without batônnage.

Wine processing

White wine fermented and aged in barrels.
Each variety is harvested and processed separately. The harvest takes place between 6 and 9 am during the last weeks of August and the first weeks of September.

Cold-skin maceration of each grape variety at low temperature between 8-10 hours. The free-run wine is separated from the press wine. The must is slightly settled at low temperature. Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Macabeo varieties ferment in new -or one-year old- French oak 220-liter barrels. Bâtonnage for 6-8 weeks. At the end of November or early December the musts from the three varieties are mixed. This wine is bottled in January.

Tasting notes

Colour: straw yellow with greenish reflections. Clean and bright.
Nose: It wraps the identity of the three varieties, white flowers, citrus and tropical fruits with a subtle hint of vanilla and honey
Palate: aromatic and elegant for the Sauvignon Blanc, fresh for the Maccabee and powerful and long for the Chardonnay. Velvety taste due to the battônnage in barrels.


The ideal serving temperature to enjoy its aromatic potential is 10º C. Depending on the temperature; it is possible to get a lighter or fuller bodied wine. We advise to serve this wine with a lower temperature (between 6-8º C.) when accompanying less flavourful dishes. On the other hand, if the dishes have a stronger taste or more condiments, it advisable to serve this wine with a temperature between 10 and 12º C.

Wine tasting glass: Spiegelau Authentics 01

Food & wine pairings:
Considering the consistency of the tannins the barrels provide; the freshness and vitality produced by its acidity, and its special glyceric texture and iodized character, Las Tres pairs perfectly well with:

Rice with beans and turnips
Braised beef with wild mushrooms
Chickpea, salt cod and spinach stew
Fried breadcrumbs migas from la Mancha
Vegetable stew from la Mancha
Fritada sauce from la Rioja
Castilian-style pork ear
Duck with pears
Madrid-style tripe
Cordoba-style bull tail stew
Stewed veal
Beef cheeks stew
Caceres-style fried pork rinds
Aged and hard cheeses



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