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Experience new sensations with Chozas

Chozas Carrascal represents the culmination of a dream of a whole family.

We offer you the chance to immerse yourself in the place where everything started. A winery where vines grow beside almond and olive trees. Here you can experience unique sensations, breath the air that comes from the land and get to know the production process of our wines.
Members of our family will accompany you during your visit. We will explain you our passion for wines and share with you our experiences.
This will be a unique visit that will take you to an incredible place.


Welcome to our winery!

We hope you enjoy a unique experience.

We will start the tour in our Museum of Labels, where you will appreciate the beauty of the landscape.

We will then walk through our ecological vineyards, the origin and magic of our wines.

Afterwards, while walking through the fermentation cellars, we will explain you how we produce our wines. Chozas Carrascal uses concrete and stainless steel tanks, one of the features that set us apart from other wineries.

Then… Shssss! Silence! Our wines age and transform themselves in the barrels’ cellar. All our barrels are made of French oak.

We will then cross the hall where other wines age in their own bottles. From there we will take the stairs down to the underground cellar where the bubbles of our Cava sparkling wine will welcome you.

You will also have the chance to walk through the gardens of our winery: aromatic flowers, mulberries and grape varieties. The tour ends in the Old Cellar, built in 1870. Here you will see the old tanks where wine used to be made.

The best part comes at the end: you will have the opportunity to taste and enjoy our wines.

We hope you liked the tour as much as we have enjoyed your visit.

We hope to see you again.





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